Responsible Gaming

At %%CASINO_NAME%% and Plutos we expect honesty and fair play from our players, professionalism and sportsmanship is expected of you at the gaming tables

You cannot have an account at %%CASINO_NAME%% if you are under the age of 18; it is also illegal to use someone else’s account or to submit false details. Using any identity than your own is strictly forbidden; both the player using the account and the person who you are representing will be subject to legal action once discovered.

If you're not at least 18 years of age, "your" account will be blocked immediately upon discovery and all funds will be subject to potential seizure or forfeit.

We want all our players ad members to enjoy their experience, you should never play at higher levels than you are comfortable with, if you or someone you know has difficulties in controlling their gaming, we recommend and urge you to close your account (an account can only be closed by the person registered to it or by inactivity.

Some players can become addicted to gaming, as with drugs or alcohol, losing significant amounts of money on a regular basis is an indicator of compulsive gambling, please DO NOT gamble with more money than you can comfortable afford to lose.

Addiction to gambling can and will cause problems in your normal life, disruptions should as psychological, social, physical or vocational are common occurrences, having an urge to gamble that can only be relieved with further gambling has reached a stage where it is an addiction and subsequently may result in neglect of other interests, work or even family.

If you feel that you or someone you know might have a problem, help is best instigated by trained experts who will council or answer questions about you or your friend.

Please use the links bellow to get help and support from these suggested organisations:

Please contact our support team at %%SUPPORT_EMAIL%% as always ready to answer any questions you may have or to place restrictions on your account.