Our Poker Software

  • Preferred Seat

You can set which seat you appear to take based on the number of seats available at any given table.

  • Sounds 

You can choose to hear all, some or no sounds from our fully customisable setting menu.

  • Animation

You may wish to keep the table graphics clear and simple, if so just turn off the animation and your wish is our command.

  • Table talk

Chat, don’t chat, it’s your call. If you choose to talk keep it clean and friendly.

We monitor all chat to make sure that everyone respects and observes fair play. If you see any player being abusive please report it to our support team and it will be handled!

You can choose to see what players are typing or not, again your choice and you can set your preferences from the options menu within the game client.

Detailed dealer chat: Displays everything that happens in the chat window
Standard dealer chat: Displays winning hands and dealt cards
Summarized dealer chat: Displays winning hands and connection issues only

  • Chip options

You can select the graphic you want your chips displayed.

  • Statistics

All the game statistics you need, such as:

   Hands played/won in/out of showdown

   Fold Statistics: Pre-flop, flop, turn, river, no fold

   Game Actions: Initiated by you - Fold, check, call, bet, raise

  • Hand and Card Options

Hand History 

View the last 50 hands played. Copy and paste this anywhere you want. Share them with family, friends, your partner or your ex.

"My Folded Hand"

View your folded hand until the game ends. You may never sleep, but at least you know if your choice was good or bad.

Change Your Cards

    Change the colour and format of your cards:

   Card Face: Standard, Standard 4-color, Large Index, Large Index 4-color, Classic

   Card Reverse: 10 different colors to choose from.

  • Player Notes

Understanding how a player plays, when he bets, calls and raises will help you improve your game. Over time, with quality notes, you will understand how a player plays, enabling you to adjust your betting patterns to improve your defence and attack! We made it quite easy for you to take notes and colour code each player.